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Ever since I was a little girl I had been obsessed with the history of Ancient Egypt. I spent almost every waking moment reading books and watching documentaries on the History Channel about their culture, customs, architecture, and religion. I was so fascinated by their way of life I even taught myself how to write in hieroglyphs! I remember going to museums on family vacations or during school trips and seeing Ancient Egyptian artifacts on display amazed by just how close I could get to these incredible pieces of history. My passion for history and culture continued throughout my schooling and I knew I had found the right path when I took my first Anthropology course in my first semester of college. I spent the next few years learning everything I could about different cultures, all while still wondering how I could potentially turn this passion into a career. Drawing from my love of museums as a child, I applied for my first museum internship in 2012 and truly began my professional career in this field.  

Meet the Curator

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